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S10 Electric Scooter

This Teewing S10 e-scooter features a dual brushless 1000W motor that allows for faster acceleration and climbing ability, reaching a top speed of 37 mph and a max climbing angle of 30°. The high-capacity 60V 18AH battery allows for a long range of up to 54 miles under specific conditions, and can handle a maximum load of 265 lbs.

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Colorful LED Lights of    Okidas-Teewing-X4-Electric-Scooter-for-Adults

X5 Electric Scooter

The X5 comes with two independent 3000W motors control to the front and rear wheels, motors power up to 6000W in all-drive mode provide a top speed of 55mph, and max 75 miles range.

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Outdoor Riding of Teewing Electric Scooter

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