X6 Foldable Backpack Electric Scooter - 2.0

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Product Description


COMPACT & LIGHT WEIGHT - With 24 lbs weight, compact size, quick fold design, the X6 folding electric scooter can be put into a backpack and taken to anywhere you want.


  • 36V, 5Ah Detachable Battery, High Performance Lithium Cells, Safe To Transport

  • Smart Battery Management System Protects Battery Safety

  • Quick Fold Design, Compact Size

  • LCD Display, On-Board Computer

  • Bright LED Front Lamp

  • Advanced Shock-proof Spring Makes Comfortable Riding


  • Powered With DC 36V / 250W Motor, Reach Max Speed 25km/h (15.5mph)

  • Portable And Removable Li-ion Battery


Unfolding Size: 943 x 450 x 1052 mm

Folding Size: 652 x 128 x 259 mm

Net Weight: 11 kg (24Lbs)

Max Load: 100 kg (220Lbs)

Width of Pedal: 120 mm

Way of Folding: Quadruple folding

Height of Pedal from Ground: 136 mm

Way of Battery Locking: Self locking

Height of Pedal's Chassis from Ground: 106 mm

Rules of Riding: 120 -180 cm

Max Speed: 25 km/h (15.5 mph)

Climb Angle: 10 degree


Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery, Removable

Battery Capacity: 5Ah

Battery Voltage: 36V

Charger Specification: DC42V / 2A


Motor: 5.5 inch outside diameter, hub motor, DC36V / 250W

Motor Drive Mode: Sine wave control output

Voice Warning: Car warning sound


Mileage: 20 kms (12.5 miles) (depending on riding style, rider's weight, surface conditions and grade angle)




OKIDAS Warehouse & Maintenance Center


The scooter will be shipped from one of these below warehouses by UPS, if you choose 3-8 Working Days Shipping Option:

1. CA Warehouse:

437 N Baldwin Park Blvd #AD7450, City of Industry, CA, 91746

2. NJ Warehouse:

380 Jelliff Aveune, Newark NJ 07108


Our Maintenance Center is located at:

80 Madison St, New York, n y, 10002



1. Please make an appointment with us, if you want to visit our warehouse or service center.

2. Contact us by mail or make a phone call at first, when you find any quality issues.

3. If you want to make a return, read our return policy carefully and contact us first.


Wherever you buy our products, whether in the US or from any OKIDAS outlet or Distributor's store, you have 12 months to request repairs if any vehicle turns out to be faulty or not as advertised. The 12 months warranty period starts from the date your product is delivered and you must inform the seller of any issue encountered with one of our products within 10 days of discovering the issue.


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    foldability outweighs other issues

    Posted by Patrick on 18th Aug 2021

    I really love the foldability of this scooter. Just to be able to get to the train station/bus stop/shopping and toss it in the backpack probably makes it one of the best commuter scooters out there. I will say, though, that even after folding it, its every bit of the specified 26inches long (I imagined it would feel smaller when folded). The solid rubber (5 inch) wheels are the only major drawback. Yes, there is a shock at the front wheel but a sidewalk with a lot of cracks every few feet is still quite loud/rough to ride on. I do understand, though, that it probably wouldn't be able to fold so small with pneumatic wheels. Tradeoffs. Haven't tested the full range, but the display says I get around 15 mph on flat roads (I weigh 190lbs).

  • 5
    5 Sterne für Verarbeitung und Design!

    Posted by Normann Geske on 5th Jul 2019

    Das kleine Monster hat soviel Power! Der Elektroscooter wurde für die Arbeit & fürs Büro geholt. Ein paar Bilder folgen sobald ich mehr Zeit habe. Als Vorbesteller bekam ich den Scooter etwas günstiger. 23 km / h stimmt und die Reichweite müsste auch passen. Bis jetzt hab ich noch 3 Striche Akkuladung auf dem Display und bin 9km gefahren. Die Räder sind zwar klein jedoch gibt es vorne ein kleine Federung. Offroad wird man damit jetzt natürlich nicht fahren ,aber für große Lager und Büroflächen ist es ein Highlight und so praktisch! Viele neidische Blicke bei den Mitarbeitern :smile:

  • 5
    Fun and well-thought scooter

    Posted by Matt Thornton on 13th Jun 2019

    I have been throwing idea about getting electric scooter to ride around with our neighborhood. This particular scooter fits my needs in term of pricing and functionalities. I like the removable battery and how it fold nicely. The seller is very responsive. I contact them via e-mail and get the response in the same day. I also turn off the power and use it as a kick scooter when going out with my 6 years old!

  • 5
    Fits in a Tesla Model S Frunk

    Posted by Adam Nguyen on 8th Jun 2019

    First impression review. I'll update if any of this changes. It's main feature is that it folds quite small. The folding mechanism works well once you figure it out. I use it when I'm road tripping in my Tesla and it's nice to have a quick method of travel between the Supercharger and where ever we are eating. I'm a fairly lightweight guy at 130lbs but it has zero sturdiness issues and goes plenty fast for my use case. The wheels are small so the ride is rough but for my use I prefer the small wheels because that allows for a compact design. Edit: I had a friend take a ride who is around 240lbs and it was "just" enough power for him on level ground. Any incline and it slowed down, but was still useable if you kick a little. It held his weight no problem though, just a bit underpowered to zip him around. The battery is 7S 6 Amp Hour if you are interested.

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